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Welcome to the Watergrasshill Bed & Breakfast Blog!

Updated: 5 days ago

We are so excited to start this blog to share our wealth of information about the Hudson Valley with you. Our posts will range from travel tips, to favorite recipes, to local events and much more! We cannot wait to share all that we love about the Hudson Valley with you. Check back monthly or subscribe to our newsletter to receive an email every time we share a new post!

We thought this first post would be a great place to explain what Watergrasshill means. So many people have asked us, why Watergrasshill? Where did that name come from? So here is our story:

Pictured : Left: Celia Colucci, Top: Alana Pikulski, Bottom:Theresa Colucci.

Watergrasshill is a small village in County Cork, Ireland where our family emigrated from. My great grandmother was born in Watergrasshill and her parents owned a pub in town. In 1927 they left Ireland and traveled to America.

In 2016 my family traveled to Ireland and stayed in many bed and breakfasts throughout the country. We visited Watergrasshill and even spoke to a local who knew our family. Small world, especially with a population of approximately 1,000.

Pictured : My great-great-grandmother, her husband, and their five children in Watergrasshill. (My great-grandmother, Mary Canavan, is on the far right)

Our trip to Ireland was unforgettable, but one of our favorite memories was staying at all of the B&B's. The way each innkeeper welcomed us into their homes and treated us like family made our trip truly unique. They shared stories with us, gave us advice on their favorite local restaurants and treated us to delicious homemade Irish breakfasts. I can still taste the delicious scones!

After our trip we decided that we wanted to bring this type of accommodation to our small town of New Paltz, NY. And how could we name it anything other than where our Irish roots lie? We cannot wait to welcome you into our home and share our Irish experience with you at Watergrasshill Bed & Breakfast. We hope to host you soon! You can see our availability here.

Pictured from left to right: Bob Colucci, Alana Pikulski, Celia Colucci, Theresa Colucci, Greg Colucci

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